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At Sleep Gallery, we understand that everyone has unique needs and preferences when choosing their mattress. That's why we offer a wide variety of coil mattress options to help you find the one that's right for you. Whether you're looking for a firm or softer mattress, memory foam or latex, we have the perfect option to meet your needs.

Don't wait any longer and discover all the benefits that rolled mattresses can bring you. At Sleep Gallery, we are committed to offer you the best options for your rest, without compromising quality or your pocket, choose a rolled mattress and experience the difference in your rest!

Price and comfort of rolled mattresses

Rolled mattresses offer excellent value for money, giving customers an affordable option without compromising on comfort and sleep. These mattresses provide adequate support for the body and a cozy sleeping surface. Being vacuum-packed from the factory, the rolled mattresses ensure hygiene and prevent any tampering or soiling during transportation. In addition, their compact and easily transportable design saves transportation costs for both distributors and end customers. Once unrolled, these mattresses quickly regain their shape and functionality. Viscoelastic mattresses, for example, maintain their quality even when sold rolled up. That's because all viscoelastic mattresses are rollable, making them easy to deliver and handle.

Experience the comfort of a rolled mattress

One of the outstanding benefits of rolled mattresses is the comfort they provide to users. Thanks to their design and technology, these mattresses offer adequate support for the body, relieving pressure at contact points and promoting restful sleep. Once received, the mattress only needs approximately 2 hours to fully recover its shape and be ready to provide optimal rest. Rolled mattresses are a convenient and practical option for the comfort-seeking and price-conscious. Their ease of transport, quick delivery and immediate recovery make them an attractive choice for those looking to maximize their sleep without compromising their budget.

Ease of delivery and transportation

Rolled mattresses are an excellent choice for those who live in small spaces or have difficulty transporting conventional mattresses. These mattresses come rolled and vacuum-packed from the factory, which ensures their hygiene and prevents them from being tampered with or getting dirty. Because they are vacuum-packed, rolled mattresses are easy to transport and take up little space, which saves on transportation costs for distributors.

Rolled mattresses: the perfect solution for small spaces

In addition, once rolled mattresses are opened, they regain their shape and functionality in a short time. Whether it is a viscoelastic, latex or foam mattress, these mattresses are of high quality and offer the same level of comfort as conventional mattresses.

Transporting and receiving mattresses has never been so easy

With rolled mattresses, transporting and receiving a mattress at home has never been easier. Once the mattress is received, it only needs to be unrolled within 15 days to regain its full height. It is not recommended to keep the mattress rolled up for a longer period of time, as it could affect its properties. Rolled mattresses are a perfect solution for small spaces and offer a convenient and practical way to transport and receive mattresses. Their ease of delivery and transportation, along with their quality and durability, make them an ideal choice for those seeking comfort and convenience in the world of rest.

Quality and durability

In the world of mattresses, quality and durability are two key factors to take into account when choosing the best rest for our body. In this sense, rolled mattresses are an option that does not compromise either of these characteristics.

Quality is not compromised in rolled mattresses

Rolled mattresses are designed with the same quality materials as any other conventional mattress. From viscoelastic mattresses to latex or foam mattresses, all are manufactured with the highest quality standards in mind. This means that when you purchase a rolled mattress, the quality of the rest it offers will not be affected. In addition, these mattresses are rolled and vacuum-packed from the factory, which ensures their hygiene and prevents them from being tampered with or getting dirty during transportation. This gives us the peace of mind of knowing that we are receiving a clean product in perfect condition.

Discover the durability of rolled mattresses

One of the most common myths surrounding rolled mattresses is that they may lose durability or quality compared to traditional mattresses. However, this is not true. Rolled mattresses are designed to maintain their shape and strength over time. Once the mattress is unrolled, it regains its shape and functionality in a short time, thanks to the high quality materials from which it is made. It is important to note that each mattress model has its own characteristics in terms of durability, so it is advisable to seek advice and information on the specifications of each model before making the purchase. Rolled mattresses offer excellent quality and durability, guaranteeing an optimal and comfortable rest. In addition, their ease of transport and storage, thanks to their rolled format, makes them a practical and convenient option. Do not hesitate to try them and enjoy a restful rest!

Options of different types of rolled mattresses

Rolled mattresses offer a wide variety of options for every type of person and need. From viscoelastic mattresses to latex or foam mattresses, you will find a suitable option for your rest. On the one hand, viscoelastic mattresses are an excellent choice if you are looking for adaptability and comfort. These mattresses mold to the shape of your body, providing adequate support for your pressure points. Because they can be rolled up, shipping is faster and more economical, and once unrolled, they regain their shape and functionality in a short time. On the other hand, latex mattresses can also be rolled up without losing their quality. They are ideal if you are looking for a more elastic and resistant mattress, with hypoallergenic properties and good ventilation. However, it is important to keep in mind that natural latex mattresses should not remain rolled in plastic for a long time to avoid humidity problems due to lack of ventilation.

Find the perfect coil mattress for your needs

When it comes to finding the perfect rolled mattress, there are several considerations to take into account. In addition to the material, it is important to evaluate aspects such as firmness, size and any additional features they may offer. As for firmness, this will depend on your personal preferences and sleep needs. Some people prefer a higher firmness for greater support, while others seek a softer feel for a more comforting sleep. There are medium firmness or adaptable firmness options, so you can find the perfect balance for you. In terms of size, rolled mattresses are usually available in all standard sizes, from single to king size. It's important to choose the size that suits your needs and the dimensions of your bedroom. Finally, some rolled mattresses may include additional features such as anti-mite treatments, gel layers for added coolness or weight distribution technology for a more comfortable sleep. Evaluate what additional resources can enhance your sleep experience and choose the mattress that meets your expectations. Rolled mattresses offer a wide range of options for every sleep need. Both viscoelastic and latex mattresses are excellent choices, as they maintain their quality after being rolled up and offer beneficial properties for health and wellness. Find the perfect rolled mattress by evaluating the material, firmness, size and additional features that best suit your needs - enjoy optimal sleep with rolled mattresses! If you're looking for a high-quality mattress at an affordable price, rolled mattresses are the perfect choice for you. Not only will you enjoy the convenience and comfort they provide, but you'll also save money. Plus, the ease of delivery and transportation of rolled mattresses makes them the perfect solution for those who live in small spaces or have difficulty transporting conventional mattresses. You won't sacrifice quality or durability, as rolled mattresses maintain high quality standards. If you have any questions we are here to help, feel free to contact us.

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