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Velfont 3 Layers 100% Alma 3 Layers Cotton Knitted Protector Velfont

Waterproof 3-layer cotton mattress protector. For people looking for a...


Velfont 100% Waterproof Cotton Knitted Protector Velfont

Waterproof and Breathable 100% cotton jersey mattress protector


Velfont Acarsan Anti-Mite Mattress Cover Protector

Padded mattress protector with anti-dustmite treatment and double side:...


Velfont Acarsan Natural 100% Cotton Waterproof Anti-dustmite Protector

Waterproof and breathable anti-dust mite mattress protector, ideal for...


Velfont Acarsan Natural 400 G/M2 Anti-Mite Fibre Duvet 400 G/M2

Designed for those allergic to dust mites who are looking for softness and...


Velfont Acarsan Natural Anti-Dustmite Duvet 250 G/M2

Designed for those allergic to dust mites who are looking for softness and...


Velfont Acarsan Natural Anti-dust mite Mattress Cover

Acarsan Natural® Anti-dust mite mattress cover


Velfont Acarsan Natural Anti-dustmite Pillowcase Anti-mite Loop Pillowcase

Ideal cover for dust mite allergy sufferers looking for natural, anti-dust...


Velfont Acarsan® Fibre Pillow

Pillow specially developed for people allergic to dust mites or looking...


Velfont Adjustable Half Cover Satin Laced

Half mattress cover satin satin with cotton cut fabric


Velfont Aloe Vera Fibre Duvet 300 G/M2

Duvet duvet with extra soft touch microfibre fabric with Aloe Vera...


Velfont Aloe Vera Fibre Pillow

The Aloe Vera pillow by Velfont is a single pillowcase pillow, made with...


Velfont Anti-dust mite protector

For people looking for absorption and protection against dust mites.


Velfont Anti-mite Fibre Pillow

Specially developed for people allergic to dust mites who want a pillow...


Velfont Anti-mite Fibre Pillow

Specially developed for people allergic to dust mites who want a pillow...

Pillows are not just a simple bedding accessory, they are a crucial element that can significantly influence the quality of your sleep. With a multitude of options available on the market, choosing the perfect pillow can be daunting. However, among all the options, duvet pillows and, more specifically, Velfont pillows have gained impressive popularity due to their exceptional quality and comfort.

why choose pillows Velfont?

With a track record of more than 45 years in the manufacture of sleep products, Velfonta Spanish brand, has earned a formidable reputation in the marketplace for its unwavering dedication to innovation and quality. Its experience and understanding of each individual's sleep needs have resulted in a range of pillows that are synonymous with comfort and restorative sleep. The pillows Velfont are created with the highest quality materials and advanced technology to ensure a superior level of comfort. In addition, there are a variety of models to choose from, each designed to suit different individual needs and preferences. From cervical pillows to pregnancy pillows, Velfont you have the perfect solution for every sleep situation.

Types of pillows Velfont for a restful sleep

Velfont has a wide variety of pillows to ensure a deep, restful sleep. Some of the most popular models include:

  • Viscoelastic pillow: With its ability to conform to the contours of your neck and head, this pillow reduces pressure on these areas and allows you to rest optimally. It is especially useful for those who suffer from neck or headaches.
  • Microfiber pillow: With its ability to maintain a constant temperature, this pillow ensures superior comfort. In addition, its microfiber structure facilitates air circulation, allowing you to stay cool throughout the night.
  • Down pillow: Created with high quality down and feathers, this pillow offers unparalleled comfort. Its softness and adaptability make this pillow an excellent choice for those seeking maximum comfort.
  • Cervical pillow: Specially designed for side sleepers, this pillow provides optimal support for the neck and head, ensuring uninterrupted, pain-free sleep.

Opting for a quality pillow such as those from Velfont pillow is crucial to achieving a restful sleep and, therefore, improving quality of life. Each model is designed to ensure maximum comfort and well-being during sleep. Remember that a good pillow, together with a quality mattress, is the key to ensure optimal comfort during rest.

Comforters Velfont: Warmth and Comfort

The Velfont comforters represent a perfect fusion of warmth and comfort that will keep you warm during cold winter nights. These comforters, made with high quality materials, ensure a pleasant warmth without sacrificing lightness. Their advanced technology allows for optimal air circulation, preventing overheating and ensuring an ideal sleeping temperature. In addition, each Velfont comforter has been designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. With their elegant and timeless design, these comforters will not only keep you warm, but also add a touch of sophistication to your bedroom. Whether you prefer a contemporary or classic design, you'll find the Velfont comforter to suit your style and transform your bedroom into a restful sanctuary.

Bed Covers Velfont: Style and Durability

In addition to comforters, Velfont also offers a range of stylish and durable bed covers. Each bed cover Velfont is made from high quality materials, providing a softness that invites you to sink into bed at the end of a long day. These covers are easy to clean and stand the test of time, ensuring your bed is always presentable and cozy. With a wide range of colors and designs, you can choose the cover that best suits your style and bedroom decor. In addition to providing protection for your mattress, these covers also add a touch of elegance to your sleeping space, turning your bedroom into an oasis of comfort and style.

Discover the Difference Velfont with Sleep Gallery

At Sleep Gallerywe understand that a good night's sleep is essential to your overall health and well-being. That's why we are committed to offering you only the best products on the market to help you achieve quality sleep. By choosing Velfontyou are choosing more than just sleep products. You're choosing superior sleep, unparalleled luxury and quality that you can feel and see. From pillows to comforters to bed covers, each Velfont product is designed with the utmost attention to detail and a commitment to providing exceptional sleep. Discover the difference sleeping products make today and elevate your sleep experience Velfont and elevate your sleep experience to a new level of comfort and luxury with Sleep Gallery. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Velfont products, we are here to help,

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