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Pikolin Springing Fibermaster SM-70

ALTURA: 5,00

Bases SM70 Fibermaster



Pikolin Slatted bed base SG-20

SKU: SR40019 / ALTURA: 6,00

Bed base SG20 Bodyguard



Dorelan Metal Fixed Bases Regular

SKU: SR4017

Metal Bases 46x35 mm High resistance 68 mm slatted bed base



Pikolin Slatted bed base SG-16

ALTURA: 6,00

Bed base SG16 Bodyguard



Pikolin Slatted Bases SG-20R

ALTURA: 6,00

Bases SG20R Bodyguard



Pikolin Multilaminas Bases SM-26R

ALTURA: 6,00

Bases SM26R Multilaminated slatted bed base



Dorelan Futura Plus Wooden Bases

SKU: SR4010

Fixed or Electric Articulated Select your feeling.



Dorelan Sistem Wooden Bases

SKU: SR4011

Fixed or Articulated Electric Select your Comfort



Dorelan Avant Wooden Bases

SKU: SR4012

Fixed or Electric Articulated, Total Ergonomics



Dorelan Revenge Wooden Bases

SKU: SR4013

Fixed or Electric Articulated Select



Dorelan Natural Wooden Bases 38

SKU: SR4014

Fixed or Articulated Electric the Natural becomes Passage



Dorelan Natural Wooden Bases 68

SKU: SR4015

Fixed or Articulated Electric to your measure



Dorelan Dogapiú Fixed Metalic Bases

SKU: SR4016

Metallic Bases 46x35 mm Multilaminas of 38 mm

Buy Fixed Bases

Variety of options At Sleep Gallery, we offer a wide variety of fixed bed bases so you can find the one that best suits your needs. We have different sizes, from single to double, so you can find the perfect size for your mattress and your room.

Quality materials Our fixed bed bases are made of resistant and durable materials, guaranteeing a solid and stable base for your mattress. In addition, we use high-quality materials such as beech wood and high-strength steel to ensure that your fixed bed base is durable and long-lasting.

Health benefits A fixed slat base can provide health benefits. By providing optimal support for your mattress, it helps maintain proper spinal alignment during sleep, preventing back pain and improving sleep quality.

Durability and resistance Our fixed bed bases are designed to be durable and resistant. Thanks to their solid structure and the quality materials they are made of, they can support the weight of your mattress and guarantee a stable base throughout the life of the bed base.

Personalized attention At Sleep Gallery, we care about offering you the best customer service. Our team of sleep experts is available to help you choose the fixed bed base that best suits your needs and answer any questions you may have.

Fast and efficient shipping Buying from Sleep Gallery means enjoying a fast and efficient delivery service. We make sure your fixed bed base arrives at your door in the shortest possible time, so you can start enjoying quality sleep as soon as possible.

Quality guarantee At Sleep Gallery, we guarantee the highest quality in all our products. All our fixed bed bases undergo rigorous quality controls to ensure that they meet the highest standards.

Easy to assemble Our fixed bed bases are easy to assemble, so you don't have to worry about complicated instructions or special tools. We will provide you with all the necessary instructions so that you can assemble your fixed bed base without any problems.

In short, at Sleep Gallery we offer you a wide selection of high quality fixed bed bases, made of strong and durable materials. When you buy in our online store, you can enjoy benefits such as personalized customer service, fast and efficient shipping, and quality assurance.

Do not wait any longer and renew your rest with our fixed bed bases.

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