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Pikolin Home 50% Down Pillow

Premium 50% down pillow Double cover MEDIUM



Pikolin Home 100% Cotton Knitted Protector + 100% Polyester Mattress Cover Pack

Waterproof protection pack with cover and mattress protector/mattress...



Pikolin Home Aloe Vera Microfiber Terry Towelling Mattress Cover

Terry towelling mattress cover with breathable Aloe Vera



Pikolin Home Aloe Vera Terry Towelling Mattress Protector

Breathable Aloe Vera Terry Mattress Protector



Pikolin Home Anti-Allergic Triple Barrier Jacquard Terry Terry Cloth

Half Mattress Cover Anti-allergic Terry Terry Mattress Cover, TRIPLE...



Pikolin Home Anti-allergic Jacquard Terry Terry Mattress Cover Triple Barrier

Anti-Allergenic Terry Towelling Mattress Cover Triple Anti-Allergenic...



Pikolin Home Anti Snoring Visco Pillow




Pikolin Home Baby 2F Anti-Mite Pillow 55X35

Anti-dustmite Fibre Pillow. Double cover 55x35

  • +



Pikolin Home Bicolour Microfibre Duvet Filler 300 Gr

Nordic two-colour fibre filler for autumn and winter, 300 gr/m²



Pikolin Home Breathable Waterproof Breathable Tencel Protector

Tencel® mattress protector/cover. Hyper-breathable and waterproof.



Pikolin Home Breathable Waterproof Breathable Tencel Protector

Tencel® Mattress Protector. Hyper-breathable and waterproof, the natural...



Pikolin Home Butterfly Pillow Microfiber 48x60x20

Fiber pillow with butterfly shape for neck and head 48x60x20



Pikolin Home Cervical Visco Travel Pillow-25x30 /10/7

Ergonomic viscoelastic travel pillow for neck support



Pikolin Home Cotton Terry Cotton Mattress Cover

Breathable stretch cotton terry loop mattress cover



Pikolin Home Covid Free Breathable Waterproof Breathable Knitted Protector

Anti-Covid Anti-Viral Mattress Protector/Cover. Waterproof and Breathable

Pikolin Home is a company dedicated to offering quality accessories to provide the best possible rest while protecting your mattress. Pikolin Home shares the values of the Pikolin group, which include passion for customers, teamwork, commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Products from Pikolin Home

Pikolin Home has a wide variety of quality products that provide solutions to any situation and person. At Sleep Gallery, you can find a large selection of Pikolin Home branded items, all with unbeatable quality. Among the outstanding products of Pikolin Home we find:

  • Mattress protectors and bedding accessories: made with first class fabrics, these mattress protectors adapt precisely to the mattress thanks to the four adjustment points. They are also breathable, waterproof, hypoallergenic and very comfortable.
  • Mattress covers: Pikolin Home offers mattress covers in different sizes for single and double beds, made with high quality fabrics to ensure the best protection and care of the mattress.
  • Hypoallergenic comforters: ideal for the coldest nights of the year, these comforters are perfect to guarantee maximum comfort and warmth during sleep.
  • Ergonomic pillows: to ensure an optimal position of the neck and head during sleep, Pikolin Home offers ergonomic pillows that prevent neck pain.

In addition, Pikolin Home has its own workshop where custom-made and made-to-order products can be made for customers and hotels. Sleep Gallery offers the possibility of registering so as not to miss any offers or news, as well as various payment methods, such as financing, credit card and Paypal.

Quality of the products of Pikolin Home

Pikolin Home is characterized by offering high quality products that guarantee the best possible rest. All its products are made with first class materials and are perfectly adapted to the needs of each customer. In addition, the brand offers a free assembly and collection service of the old mattress, and it is possible to receive the mattress at home within 24 to 72 hours. The quality of Pikolin Home products is its hallmark, and this is reflected in the high customer satisfaction. In short, Pikolin Home is a brand of rest articles with long experience in the sector that offers a wide variety of quality products to ensure the best possible rest while protecting your mattress. Its commitment to innovation and sustainability, as well as its passion for the customer, make Pikolin home a benchmark brand in the bedding market.

Variety and design of the products of Pikolin Home

If you are looking for high quality sleep products, the variety and design of Pikolin Home products may be the perfect solution for you. The brand has a wide range of products to cover all the sleep needs you may have. From bedding to ergonomic pillows to hypoallergenic mattress protectors and comforters, Pikolin Home has everything you need to make your sleep truly restful. Plus, the brand's products are beautifully designed and modern, so it's possible to find items that fit the aesthetics and style of any room and home.

Affordable prices of Pikolin Home

Another great advantage of choosing Pikolin Home is that it offers high quality products at prices achievable for any pocket. The brand has different payment options so you can finance your purchase and pay in convenient interest-free installments. In short, choosing Pikolin Home may be the best option for those looking for high quality rest products at affordable prices, with a modern design and exceptional customer service. Do not hesitate to visit their website and discover all the products they have to offer.

User reviews about Pikolin Home

Users have a very positive opinion about Pikolin Home and their products. Many highlight the quality of the materials and the comfort offered by the products, which has allowed them to rest better and improve their quality of life. You can find a wide selection of products, from mattress protectors and bedding accessories to mattress covers and ergonomic pillows, all made with top quality fabrics. The products are breathable, waterproof and hypoallergenic, making them ideal for people with allergies or respiratory problems. In summary, customers are very satisfied with the products from Pikolin Homeproducts, both for their quality and for the excellent customer service offered by the brand. In conclusion, customers have a very positive opinion of the brand and its products. The quality of the products and customer service stand out as the company's strong points, which has allowed it to become one of the leading brands in the bedding products market. In Sleep Gallery we are very pleased to present our range of products Pikolin Home, if you need help with any of the products do not hesitate to contact us.

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