Return shipping policy.

All products described in our online store will be available, except those that are shown as "not available" in the product sheet. In the event that a product is out of stock at the time you place your order, and we have not been able to update this information on the web, we will contact you, as soon as possible, to offer you a similar product or a refund of the corresponding amount.

When dealing with different warehouses of origin and in the case of orders of several articles, these can be sent in different packages, without additional cost, in order to reduce to the maximum the delivery time of these.

Peninsula shipping costs: For purchases whose amount is equal to or less than 39 euros, shipping costs will be 6 euros + VAT. For purchases over 39 euros, shipping costs will be free.

Shipping costs for Islands, Ceuta and Melilla:you should contact us by phone: (+34) 980 014 507 or (+34) 623 320 417 or by email [email protected].

Order confirmation

Once the acceptance of the purchase conditions has been confirmed, all the data has been filled in and the confirmation button has been clicked, ARTIDES RETAIL S.L. (Sleep Gallery) will inform the user of the conditions of the order by email or post.

Delivery times will vary depending on the type of item purchased, shipping area and manufacturer's conditions, which at all times will be informed to the user. The slight variations that may occur (not being frequent) may exist when the customer requests the joint delivery of several products or due to force majeure beyond the control of ARTIDES RETAIL S.L. (Sleep Gallery).


The orders will be delivered to the address established by the client/user at the time of placing the order. You can only change the shipping information before the goods leave our warehouses and as long as it does not alter the contracted conditions, in which case it may involve additional costs.

When there is a change of Catalog the customer can receive the previous model as long as the characteristics of the product are maintained and the change is only aesthetic and does not affect the product.

All deliveries are made by a transport company along with the corresponding documentation that must be reviewed and confirmed by the customer.

Orders travel covered with insurance for 100% of the value of the goods.


Check that the packages received are in good condition externally.

If not, note any anomaly on the delivery note, reject the shipment and notify ARTIDES RETAIL S.L. (Sleep Gallery) in writing as soon as possible.All claims due to transport damages must be addressed to Sleep Gallery. Remember never to throw away the packaging of the products until you check that they are in perfect condition and verify that all the products match the ones you ordered.

The carriers will ship from Monday to Saturday depending on the geographic location (depending on the delivery route established for your town), always meeting you before delivery. If your town is far from a large urban center or city, or has less than 5000 inhabitants, delivery may be delayed up to 10 working days of the stipulated time.

Occasionally, for reasons beyond Sleep Gallery's control, the delivery time may be delayed by 7 working days from the scheduled delivery date. In this case, the buyer may cancel the order and receive the amount paid.

The non-delivery will not be considered as such if it has been delayed by the buyer's own will or if the buyer could not be reached by phone or email to confirm the delivery of the goods.

Description of the right of withdrawal.

As stipulated in the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 in Article 102, we inform you that you will have 14 calendar days from receipt of the product to exercise your right of withdrawal. Also, as provided in the aforementioned Royal Decree, in Article 106, you can use the model form that you can download here, or communicate by any unequivocal form.If you wish to do so by e-mail, you must send it to [email protected].

In all cases, as stated in Article 108, you must bear the cost of return. You can return the product/s by any means you deem appropriate. If you want us to take care of the withdrawal of the goods, you must indicate it when you communicate us your desire to cancel the purchase and pay the full amount that appears for returns.


The product must be in the same condition in which it was delivered, the consumer and user will be responsible for the decrease in value of the goods, resulting from a manipulation of the same, other than that necessary to establish its nature, its characteristics or its operation.


To guarantee a correct management that exempts you from liability, whatever means you choose for the return, please follow these steps:


If the item is packed as you received it:

1.- Take pictures of the package from all sides (Make sure that there is enough light, to take pictures with the highest quality).

2.- Send us the pictures to [email protected], before sending/returning the product.


If the item is unpacked:

1.- Take pictures from all sides (Make sure there is enough light, to take pictures with the maximum quality.

2.- Send us the pictures to [email protected], before sending/returning the product.

3.- The carrier will be in charge of packing the article (if you have asked us to remove it), in case of mattresses, bases or couches and sofas. If you send it by your own means, or it is a question of articles different from the above mentioned, you will have to carry out the packing of a correct form to avoid its deformation or deterioration.

4.- Once packed, take photos on all sides and send them to [email protected].


This will prevent that, if the merchandise suffers damages in the transport, the logistics agency that has made it, can avoid its responsibility. Please note that, if you send the items on your own, they will not be received if the logistics agency by which you send them, does not allow us to check their condition before accepting the delivery and, once verified, they are in optimal conditions. If you attempt to obtain confirmation of delivery without us being able to open what you have received, the shipment will be rejected. If you decide to send the material by your own means, you should contact our 


Logistics department, so that they can provide you with the address to which you will have to send it.


The cost of the withdrawal, depending on the type of product, will be (VAT included): 50 € on the articles of rest, except:

a) Mattresses in traditional format (not rolled up): 150 €. In order to be removed, they must be perfectly packed.

b) Cots that are in their original packaging without having been mounted: 75 €.

c) Cots that have been installed: 150 €.

10 € on pillows. bed linen, sofa covers, roller blinds and baby/cot mattresses.

10 € on pillows and bedding if they have not been unsealed.

50 on vacuum-packed mattresses, toppers and rugs.


In this case, the return must be made with the product rolled and/or sealed, as it was delivered to you.


In sofas 50 € for every 70 cm or fraction of the longitudinal measurement of the sofa, which is specified in the "FEATURES" tab of each model, except for corner sofas, with a single amount of 300 € of shipping.


You must take into account that sofas, armchairs and other complementary furniture in which "Stock or Outlet" is NOT indicated, cannot be returned, since they are made according to the specific specifications requested by each buyer (Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 article 103.c).


For the rest of the products subject to withdrawal, due to the variety of them, we will inform you of the cost of the return when you inform us of your intention to withdraw.


If the customer makes use of the satisfaction guarantee, the new mattress delivered will not have the right of withdrawal or a new satisfaction guarantee, even if it is perfectly packed. In any case, no refund will be made for services already rendered, such as shipping, removal of used products, delivery to the customer's home, etc.


If the return involves an exchange for other items and these items have shipping costs when added to the shopping cart, you must pay these shipping costs. The credit of any return will be made effective through the same method used for payment.


The credit of any return will be made effective through the same method used for payment. In case the order has been paid cash on delivery, transfer or cash, the refund will be made by bank transfer to the account you provide us, which must be of your ownership. The maximum period for the receipt of the payment is 14 calendar days from the date on which we are communicated, in the manner indicated above, the intention to withdraw from the purchase and provided that the goods have been returned or withdrawn by our logistics company, in the event that you have chosen this option to make the return, and checked that the condition of the same has no damage. If, for reasons beyond our company's control, the goods could not be picked up at your home before the deadline for the refund of the amount, we will not proceed to the payment as long as it is not received in our warehouses.


For hygiene reasons, the topper, pillows and bed linen will not be exchanged or returned once their original packaging has been removed.


The right of withdrawal shall not apply to contracts relating to:

  • Contracts for products made to the specifications of the consumer and user or clearly personalized.
  • According to Article 103 (exceptions to the right of withdrawal) products with special measures or those manufactured expressly, under a customization specified by customers will not admit exchange or return except those with manufacturing defects. It is considered that a product has a special size when it has 75x190, 75x180, 75x180, 75x200, 80x180, 80x190, 80x200, 90x180, 105x180, 105x200, 120x180, 120x190, 120x200, 135x180, 135x200, 140x180, 140x190, 140x200, 150x180, 160x180, 160x190, 180x180, 180x190, 200x180, 200x190, 200x190, 200x200 cm, as well as those mattresses with width 110 cm, length 210 cm or manufactured with twin system. A product is considered to be manufactured under a customization specified by the customer when it is ordered under a color, upholstery, type of wood, or with a series of added functionalities, available within the range of options of the product.

All returns will have to be made with a carrier specialized in furniture, properly packed. ARTIDES RETAIL S.L. (Sleep Gallery) makes its platform available to the customer if desired.

In case of wear and tear or deterioration of the good for reasons not exclusively due to its testing in order to make a decision on its final acquisition, ARTIDES RETAIL S.L. reserves the right to agree with the customer a corresponding and proportional compensation for the deterioration.



All our products are guaranteed at national level against manufacturing defects in accordance with the regulations contained in the legislation in force, in particular the Royal Legislative Decree 7/2021 for a period of 3 years from the time of delivery.

In the absence of proof to the contrary, it shall be presumed that any lack of conformity that becomes apparent within two years of delivery of the goods already existed when the goods were delivered.

By means of a simple declaration, the customer will have the right to a remedy of the lack of conformity, by ARTIDES RETAIL S.L. (Sleep Gallery), in case of lack of conformity, the reduction of the price of the product or the cancellation of the contract, by ARTIDES RETAIL S.L. (Sleep Gallery).

The start date of the warranty is the date that appears on the delivery note. Our warranty includes the costs of shipping, labor and repair or replacement of the defective item.


The purchase invoice is the official warranty of the product.

  • Manufacturers may offer additional warranties, the extension, duration and management of which shall be exclusively at the manufacturer's expense.
  • Mattresses that incorporate a core made entirely of latex will not be valid for upholstered bases or bed bases with plasticized slats, carbon fiber or other surfaces that do not allow them to transpire. Nor can they incorporate protectors or covers that impede the ventilation of the mattress.
  • Likewise, neither latex nor viscoelastic mattresses can be placed on varnished or melamine bases, since these types of bases favor the appearance of humidity in the mattress.
  • Viscoelastic mattresses should preferably be placed on slatted bases or upholstered bases. If they are placed on other types of surfaces such as bathtub beds, tatamis, etc., the ventilation of the rest equipment should be taken care of to the maximum, since this type of support prevents the correct aeration of the mattress and humidity stains may appear.
  • The articulated bed bases will not be valid for spring mattresses.
  • The articulation of any bed base should always be done from a completely flat position and with the sleeper lying on the mattress. Never sit on parts already articulated.

* All bed bases, according to their size, support a maximum body weight, regardless of whether there is one or more persons on it. In the individual measures from 67 cm to 105 cm. wide, the maximum weight is 120 kg. For single bed bases with a width of 135 or 150 cm, the total weight of the occupants of the bed is 180 kg. Finally, for twin bed bases, consisting of two bodies from 67 cm. to 105 cm. each of the bodies of the bed base must not exceed 120 kg.


60 test nights.

All mattresses with the exception of youth and children's mattresses come with a 60-night trial guarantee, with the exception of some mattresses that vary from 30 to 15 days, which are clearly indicated on the item's data sheet. THE EXECUTION OF THIS GUARANTEE IS FREE OF CHARGE, as long as it complies with the conditions listed below:

  • Only the following sizes are included in the rest guarantee


  • A minimum trial period of 30 days is established to be able to request the change.
  • The exchange has to be notified at least 7 days before the end of the warranty period.
  • The mattress must be returned in optimal conditions and with the original packaging, otherwise it cannot be returned except for manufacturing defect or defect.
  • This promotion is suitable for exchanges of mattresses of the same range or higher and of the same size.
  • In no case the amount paid or the difference will be refunded.
  • This promotion is only suitable for an exchange.
  • The customer will not pay any cost both in the delivery and in the withdrawal, in concept of transport.
  • In case of being a superior model, the new mattress chosen, the customer will have to pay the total of the difference to execute this guarantee.
  • The balance mattresses are not subject to this warranty.
  • The new mattress chosen will be subject to the discounts applicable at the time of the exchange.
  • This warranty does not limit the right of withdrawal.
  • When the product purchased belongs to a Savings Pack and you wish to make use of this Guarantee, the valuation of the mattress will be made taking into account the price of the Pack minus the price of the Base or Canapé that has been assigned independently and, Complements if any.

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