Upholstered Foldaway Storage Cots - Textile

Upholstered Foldaway Storage Cots - Textile

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Folding sofa bed Pikolin Textil with double cover - TEXTIL

ALTURA: 34.00 CM

Folding textile canapé with double cover in amber colour



Canape Canape Canape Canape Cama ÖHM Chest Manual Upholstered


Your BFF: micro-sprung base that enhances your nights and a place to store...

Buy Upholstered Cushions

In Sleep Gallery, the best online store of high quality rest in Spain, you will find the perfect upholstered sofa to improve your sleep and optimize your rest. Our upholstered sofas are the ideal choice for those looking for comfort, functionality and style in a single product.

When you buy an upholstered sofa at Sleep Gallery, you will benefit from a wide range of advantages. Not only do these canapés offer solid, durable support for your mattress, they also add a stylish and sophisticated touch to your bedroom. Their upholstered design gives them a modern, aesthetically pleasing look that blends perfectly with any style of décor.

In addition, our upholstered box springs are made of high-quality materials that guarantee long-term strength and durability. They are designed to support the weight of your mattress and provide a stable and firm base for optimal rest. These box springs also feature a ventilation system that helps keep your mattress cool, preventing heat and moisture buildup.

At Sleep Gallery, we understand the importance of having extra storage space in your bedroom. That's why our upholstered box springs include ample storage space under the bed, accessible through an easy-open system. You'll be able to store your sheets, comforters and other items without taking up extra space in your bedroom. Plus, the opening system is quiet and easy to use.

Our upholstered storage bases are also designed with your comfort in mind. They feature an assisted lifting system that allows you to easily raise and lower the base of the canapé, making it easy to clean and easy to access storage. In addition, its solid and resistant structure ensures that there are no annoying noises when you move or change position during the night.

Do not hesitate and choose an upholstered sofa of the highest quality at Sleep Gallery. You will not find a better option to improve your rest and style in your bedroom.

buy now and enjoy a refreshing rest every night!

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