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Velfont Waterproof Aloe Vera Aloe Vera Terry Mattress Protector

Waterproof and Breathable 100% cotton terry towelling mattress protector...



Pikolin Home Aloe Vera Terry Towelling Mattress Protector

Breathable Aloe Vera Terry Mattress Protector


Velfont Prot Breathable Terry Towelling

Waterproof and Breathable 100% cotton terry towelling mattress protector...



Pikolin Home Mattress Protector Waterproof Breathable Knitted Mattress Protector

100% Polyester Knitted Mattress Protector. Waterproof and Breathable


Velfont Anti-dust mite protector

For people looking for absorption and protection against dust mites.


Velfont 100% Waterproof Cotton Knitted Protector Velfont

Waterproof and Breathable 100% cotton jersey mattress protector



Pikolin Home Waterproof Breathable Waterproof Aloe Vera Terry Cloth Protector

Aloe Vera Terry Mattress Protector. Waterproof and Breathable


Velfont Reversible Microfibre Cover Padded Protector

Quilted mattress protector with soft touch microfibre outer fabric with...



Pikolin Home Waterproof Breathable Waterproof Aloe Vera Padded Protector

Aloe Vera Quilted Mattress Protector Waterproof Dermoprotection



Pikolin Home Padded Aloe Vera 2 Sides Breathable Padded Protector

Microfibre quilted protector with breathable Aloe Vera NOT WATERPROOF


Velfont Savia Tencel Protector

Protector with soft touch Tencel fabric that combines waterproofness and...



Pikolin Home Triple Barrier PU Cotton Knitted Protector

Anti-allergenic mattress protector/cover. Waterproof. 100% Cotton



Pikolin Home Covid Free Breathable Waterproof Breathable Knitted Protector

Anti-Covid Anti-Viral Mattress Protector/Cover. Waterproof and Breathable


Velfont Acarsan Anti-Mite Mattress Cover Protector

Padded mattress protector with anti-dustmite treatment and double side:...



Pikolin Home Breathable Waterproof Breathable Tencel Protector

Tencel® Mattress Protector. Hyper-breathable and waterproof, the natural...



Pikolin Home Breathable Waterproof Breathable Tencel Protector

Tencel® mattress protector/cover. Hyper-breathable and waterproof.


Velfont 3 Layers 100% Alma 3 Layers Cotton Knitted Protector Velfont

Waterproof 3-layer cotton mattress protector. For people looking for a...



Pikolin Home Triple Barrier Quilted Cotton Padded Protector

Anti-allergenic quilted mattress protector. Waterproof and Breathable...


Velfont Reversible Basic Cover 100% Cotton

Quilted mattress topper with cotton outer fabric - Reversible

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Velfont Breathe Waterproof Bottom Sheet Protector

Waterproof and hyper-breathable fitted sheet with 100% organic cotton...



Pikolin Home Tencel Double Jacquard Waterproof Breathable Double Jacquard Protector

Tencel® Premium Mattress Protector. Hyper breathable and waterproof.




Pikolin Home Tencel Protector Waterproof Sides

Tencel® protector. Hyper breathable and waterproof. Waterproof sides



Pikolin Home Waterproof Breathable Breathable Tencel Padded Protector Thermic

Mattress Protector Padded Mattress Protector Tencel® Hyper-Transpirable...


Velfont Acarsan Natural 100% Cotton Waterproof Anti-dustmite Protector

Waterproof and breathable anti-dust mite mattress protector, ideal for...



Pikolin Home 100% Cotton Knitted Protector + 100% Polyester Mattress Cover Pack

Waterproof protection pack with cover and mattress protector/mattress...



Pikolin Home Tencel Triple Layer Waterproof Protector

Triple layer waterproof Tencel mattress protector/mattress cover


Velfont Bamboo Adjustable Waterproof Bamboo Fitted Sheet Protector

Waterproof and breathable fitted bed sheet with bamboo fabric. Ideal for...



Pikolin Home Mattress Protector Antiallergic Padded Mattress Protector Triple Barrier 100% Alg.

Anti-allergenic quilted mattress protector. Breathable Triple Barrier...



Pikolin Home Thermic Breathable Tencel Quilted Padding Protector

THERMIC® Hyper-Transpirable Tencel® Quilted Mattress Protector


Velfont Reversible Padded Pad Covers Reversible Terry Cloth

Quilted mattress protector with 100% cotton terry cloth and Sanitized®...



Pikolin Home Thermic Protector Tencel PU Waterproof Breathable Waterproof Breathable

2 in 1 Tencel® + Thermic® 2 in 1 fitted bed sheet and protector


Velfont Bambu 3 Layer Waterproof Protector

Bamboo 3-layer waterproof mattress protector, ideal for people looking for...


Velfont Cover Max Cotton Natursan

SKU: 500046

Top wool Natursan.

Quilted mattress protector with...


Velfont Top Wool Natursan Mattress Topper Cotton - Virgin Wool

Quilted mattress protector with natural filling of pure virgin wool, ideal...


Velfont PROTECTOR 3-layer thermo-regulating mattress OUTLAST®

For hot people looking for waterproof and breathable protection.


Velfont Outlast Padded Thermo-Regulating Cover Protector

Quilted mattress protector made of thermo-regulating 100% cotton Outlast®...

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Buy Mattress Protectors

  • In Sleep Gallery, the best online store of high quality rest in Spain, you will find a wide selection of mattress protectors to ensure maximum protection and durability of your mattress.

why do you need a mattress protector?

A mattress protector is essential to keep your mattress in optimal conditions. In addition to protecting against stains, spills and odors, it also acts as a barrier against dust, dust mites and other allergens that can affect the quality of your sleep.

Our variety of mattress protectors

At Sleep Gallery, we offer a wide variety of mattress protectors to suit your needs. From basic waterproof protectors to protectors with anti-allergenic and anti-mite properties, you'll find the perfect option for you.

Quality and comfort guaranteed

Our mattress protectors are made of high quality materials that guarantee durability and resistance over time. Comfort is also a priority for us, which is why our protectors are soft, breathable and silent so they don't affect your rest.

Additional benefits of our mattress protectors

  • - Protect your mattress from stains, spills and odors.
  • - Keep dust, dust mites and other allergens at bay.
  • - Help extend the life of your mattress.
  • - Provide an extra layer of comfort and softness.
  • - They are easy to clean and maintain.

Buy now your mattress protector at Sleep Gallery

Don't wait any longer and protect your investment in a good mattress with our high quality mattress protectors.

At Sleep Gallery, we offer you the best selection and the most competitive prices on the market. Buy now and enjoy a healthy and restful sleep!

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