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Velfont Satin Laced Pillowcase

Satin satin pillow cover with 100% cotton cut fabric.



Pikolin Home Tencel Waterproof Breathable Pillow Cover

Tencel® Hyper-Transpirable and Waterproof Pillow Cover



Pikolin Home Sanitary Bed Bug Pillow Cover




Pikolin Home Cuti Pillow Cover 100% Natural Cotton

100% Natural Cotton Cutí Pillowcase


Velfont Waterproof Aloe Vera Aloe Vera Terry Mattress Protector

Waterproof and Breathable 100% cotton terry towelling mattress protector...


Velfont Cotton Knitted Pillow Cover

For those looking for a natural fabric and protection against liquids.



Pikolin Home Covid Free Waterproof Breathable Knitted Pillow Cover

Waterproof and Breathable Antiallergenic Terry Towelling Pillow Cover


Velfont Acarsan Natural Anti-dustmite Pillowcase Anti-mite Loop Pillowcase

Ideal cover for dust mite allergy sufferers looking for natural, anti-dust...



Pikolin Home Waterproof Knitted Antiallergic Pillow Cover

Pillowcase 100% cotton Anti-allergenic. Waterproof and Breathable



Pikolin Home Aloe Vera Terry Towelling Mattress Protector

Breathable Aloe Vera Terry Mattress Protector


Velfont Pillowcase Breathe

Waterproof and hyper-breathable fitted bed sheet with 100% organic cotton...



Pikolin Home Waterproof Aloe Vera PU Terry Towelling Pillow Cover

Aloe Vera Pillow Cover. Waterproof and Breathable


Velfont Prot Breathable Terry Towelling

Waterproof and Breathable 100% cotton terry towelling mattress protector...


Velfont Breathable and Waterproof Bamboo Pillow Case

Waterproof and breathable Bamboo pillow cover


Velfont Bielastica Microfiber Mattress Cover

Microfibre bi-elastic mattress cover, ideal for people looking for...



Pikolin Home Mattress Protector Waterproof Breathable Knitted Mattress Protector

100% Polyester Knitted Mattress Protector. Waterproof and Breathable


Velfont Anti-dust mite protector

For people looking for absorption and protection against dust mites.



Pikolin Home Anti-Allergic Triple Barrier Jacquard Terry Terry Cloth

Half Mattress Cover Anti-allergic Terry Terry Mattress Cover, TRIPLE...


Velfont Elastic Terry Mattress Cover

Practical and highly absorbent all-round mattress protection.



Pikolin Home Aloe Vera Microfiber Terry Towelling Mattress Cover

Terry towelling mattress cover with breathable Aloe Vera


Velfont Waterproof Mattress Cover Basic 100% Cotton

Designed for those who are looking for natural and comfortable fabrics,...



Pikolin Home Cotton Terry Cotton Mattress Cover

Breathable stretch cotton terry loop mattress cover


Velfont 100% Waterproof Cotton Knitted Protector Velfont

Waterproof and Breathable 100% cotton jersey mattress protector



Pikolin Home Waterproof Breathable Waterproof Aloe Vera Terry Cloth Protector

Aloe Vera Terry Mattress Protector. Waterproof and Breathable


Velfont Reversible Microfibre Cover Padded Protector

Quilted mattress protector with soft touch microfibre outer fabric with...



Pikolin Home Thermic Tencel Waterproof Pillow Cover

Tencel® + Thermic® 2 in 1 Pillow Cover and Pillow Protector



Pikolin Home Waterproof Breathable Waterproof Aloe Vera Padded Protector

Aloe Vera Quilted Mattress Protector Waterproof Dermoprotection


Velfont Waterproof Microfibre Cover Protector

Waterproof quilted mattress protector with soft touch microfibre outer...


Velfont Fda Mattress Satin Wrought Iron

The classic cover of the collection, ideal for those looking for natural...



Pikolin Home Padded Aloe Vera 2 Sides Breathable Padded Protector

Microfibre quilted protector with breathable Aloe Vera NOT WATERPROOF


Velfont Savia Tencel Protector

Protector with soft touch Tencel fabric that combines waterproofness and...



Pikolin Home Triple Barrier PU Cotton Knitted Protector

Anti-allergenic mattress protector/cover. Waterproof. 100% Cotton



Pikolin Home Covid Free Breathable Waterproof Breathable Knitted Protector

Anti-Covid Anti-Viral Mattress Protector/Cover. Waterproof and Breathable


Velfont Acarsan Anti-Mite Mattress Cover Protector

Padded mattress protector with anti-dustmite treatment and double side:...


Velfont Adjustable Half Cover Satin Laced

Half mattress cover satin satin with cotton cut fabric


Velfont Padua Mattress Cover

Elastic cover that provides good coverage for the mattress.

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