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Folding sofa bed Pikolin Textil with double cover - TEXTIL

ALTURA: 34.00 CM

Folding textile canapé with double cover in amber colour

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Pikolin 3D Leatherette Upholstered Fixed Storage Couch

ALTURA: 23.00 CM

Breathable upholstered base in black 3D imitation leather



Pikolin ActivePik Artic Pocketsprung Mattress

SKU: CM11656 / ALTURA: 30 CM

Articulated Pocketsprung Mattress


Articulated Base



Pikolin ActivePik Firm Pocketsprung Mattress

SKU: CM11607 / ALTURA: 30 CM

Pikolin High range High firmness suitable for the back


Anti-dust mite
Bed Independence



Pikolin Apple Viscoelastic Mattress Colchóneta

SKU: CP17838 / ALTURA: 16 CM

High-density Confortcel foam mattress for children and youths


Anti-dust mite



Pikolin Ara Plus Fibre Pillow Low Firmness

Ara Plus low-firmness fibre pillow for stomach sleepers and children's sleepers



Pikolin Arlet Firmezaa Fibre Pillow Meda

Arlet medium firm fibre posture changing pillow



Pikolin Asia Viscoelastic Mattress

SKU: CP17266 / ALTURA: 27 CM

Guaranteed comfort and durability.


Anti-dust mite
Double Sided



Pikolin Colchon de Muelles Normblock 75 Aniversario

SKU: CM12009 / ALTURA: 29 CM

Limited edition premium mattress


Anti-dust mite



Pikolin Complete Kangaroo Trundle Bed

SKU: LT11703

Complete Trundle Bed



Pikolin Cooper Fibre Medium Firmness Pillow

Cooper medium firmness fibre changing pillow Cooper

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Pikolin Divanlin 3D Breathable Upholstered Upholstery Base

The Divanlin 3D Breathable upholstered base...

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Pikolin Divanlin Upholstered Base Leatherette 3D

Rigid mattress base from Pikolin, model Divanlin Polyskin + Breathable 3D...



Pikolin DualPik Dual Pocketsprings Mattress

SKU: CM11940 / ALTURA: 32.5 CM

The best mattress with customisable comfort and two levels of firmness


Bed Independence



Pikolin DualPik Firm Pocketsprings Mattress

SKU: CM11939 / ALTURA: 32.5 CM

The best mattress with high firmness and high comfort


Bed Independence

If you are looking for a good mattress, you have probably heard about the brand Pikolin. but what makes these mattresses so popular? Pikolin is a leading brand that has been manufacturing mattresses for more than 70 years. This experience is reflected in each of its products. But that's not all, there are many other reasons for choosing Pikolin:

Why choose Pikolin?

The quality of the materials

Pikolin is a Spanish mattress brand with more than 70 years of experience in the sector. They offer high-end products for a good rest, and use the best materials to ensure the quality of their mattresses. The firm stands out for the quality of the materials used in the manufacture of the mattresses. The materials are top-quality, and the manufacturing process meets the highest quality standards. In addition, Pikolin offers a wide range of products that fit the needs and budgets of all customers. The mattresses of the brand Pikolin are designed to provide a soft and pleasant welcome. All mattresses are designed with a high quality padding that provides a exceptional support and comfort. The Partenon and Atenea mattress models and the DualPIK range are some of the products offered Pikolin.

Innovation in sleep technology

In addition to its high quality of manufacture, the brand Pikolin is known for incorporating innovative sleep technologies in its mattresses to ensure the best possible sleep for its customers. The DualPIK range allows users to customize the firmness of the mattress, this means that different configurations can be used for each side, so that each sleeper can enjoy his or her best rest. The firm Pikolin is concerned about the individual needs of each customer and offers options for people who are sensitive to heat and for those who prefer spring and non-visco technology. In conclusion, choosing Pikolin as your brand of mattresses is an excellent choice that assures you of the maximum quality and the best rest. You can finance the purchase of your mattress, pay by credit card or Paypal, and in addition, they guarantee the delivery of the product within 72 hours. Pikolin also offers a free mattress assembly and removal service for the old mattress, making the mattress-buying experience a easy and convenient.

Types of mattresses Pikolin

Spring mattresses

One of the types of mattresses offered by Pikolin are those of springs, which are designed to provide a adequate body support while sleeping. They are available in single, double and king size models. In addition, they are adapted to the individual needs of each bedroom. The range of spring mattresses Pikolin different technologies that guarantee the highest level of adequate support and comfort some models feature pocket springs that absorb pressure and prevent motion transfer, while others incorporate viscoelastic or high quality materials to provide the right fit for each individual, while others incorporate viscoelastic or high quality materials to provide the right fit for each individual greater comfort.

Latex mattresses

Another type of mattresses that the brand Pikolin offers are those of latex, which adapt perfectly to the body, avoiding pressure on specific areas. Unlike other mattresses, the latex mattresses are more resistant and durable. The latex mattresses of Pikolin are characterized by an open cell structure that allows for a more efficient increased breathability of the mattress and homogeneous heat distribution, which results in a cooler, more comfortable and healthier rest.

Viscoelastic mattresses

Finally, the brand Pikolin has a wide variety of viscoelastic mattresses, these mattresses adjust perfectly to the shape of the body. This type of mattresses are designed for relieving pressure on the most stressed parts of the body and reduce the pressure points, ensuring a correct alignment of the spine. In addition, the viscoelastic mattresses from Pikolin have different thicknesses, densities and firmnesses to adapt to the needs of each person. In conclusion, the brand Pikolin offers a wide variety of mattress options for all customers. Each type of mattress is specifically designed to provide an optimal sleep experience, whether spring, latex, viscoelastic or a combination of these technologies. The choice of mattress should be tailored to each person's individual needs, including the support and comfort offered by the mattress, as well as the dimensions, height and firmness that best meet each customer's requirements.

How to choose the perfect mattress Pikolin

Choosing the perfect mattress is an important decision, which has a direct impact on your health and well-being. In this task, relying on the expertise of Pikolin can make a big difference. Pikolin, a brand with decades of experience, has established itself in the market thanks to the high quality of its products, designed to ensure a good rest for everyone. Each mattress Pikolin is manufactured with the intention of meeting the individual needs and preferences of each sleeper. Attention is paid to every detail, from the core material to the fabric of the cover, to create a mattress that is comfortable, durable and suitable for all types of users.

Consider body type and weight

When choosing a mattress, your body type and weight are fundamental factors to consider. If you are sensitive to heat, Pikolin has the solution for you. Its spring technology mattresses promote air circulation, allowing for better thermoregulation and a cooler, more comfortable sleep experience. On the other hand, if you prefer a mattress without visco, there are also options for you. The mattresses Pikolin are characterized by offering the right firmness for each sleeper, ensuring the necessary support for a correct posture during sleep. In addition, their high quality padding provides good support and keeps your spine aligned, regardless of your weight or physical constitution.

Firmness preferences

The firmness of your mattress is another crucial aspect to consider. A mattress must provide adequate support for your body, and this is directly related to its firmness level. The DualPIK range of Pikolin is an excellent choice for those looking to customize the firmness of their mattress. This line allows you to adjust the firmness on both sides of the mattress, adapting to the individual preferences of each sleeper. Mattress padding is another feature that influences how firm the mattress feels. Comfortable padding provides a soft and pleasant feel, allowing you to fully relax and enjoy a restful sleep. On the other hand, the right padding conforms to the shape of your body, reducing pressure points and promoting optimal rest.

Specific rest needs

Finally, your specific sleep needs should also be considered when choosing your mattress Pikolin. The brand offers a wide variety of mattress models, such as the Partenon and the Atenea, in its DualPIK range, each with unique features to suit your needs. For example, pocket spring mattresses provide optimal support, adapting to each sleeper and ensuring a comfortable and restful sleep. These mattresses respond to your body's movements during the night, ensuring that every part of your body receives the support it needs. Whatever your sleep needs, at Sleep Gallery we have the mattress Pikolin that will have you waking up refreshed every morning. From spring mattresses to visco-free models, each mattress is designed to provide a unique and satisfying sleep experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mattress Branding Pikolin

Where mattresses are manufactured Pikolin?

Mattresses Pikolin are manufactured in different locations in Spain, under the highest standards of quality and technology. With more than 70 years of experience in the sleep industry, this brand is one of the most recognized both inside and outside the national territory. Most of the mattresses Pikolin are produced in the brand's main factory, located in the city of Zaragoza. This plant has more than 210,000 square meters and was inaugurated in 1987. In addition, there are other factories in different parts of Spain, such as Navarra and La Rioja, where some product lines of this well-known brand are also produced. All these factories are equipped with the latest technology to be able to offer high quality and comfortable mattresses, always prioritizing the health and well-being of the people who use them. In addition, Pikolin has a rigorous quality control in all processes, from the selection of raw materials to the final delivery of the mattress to the customer. In short, the mattresses Pikolin are manufactured in different locations in Spain, all of them equipped with the most advanced technology and offering a rigorous quality control in all processes. This allows them to offer high quality products, comfort and durability to their customers. At Sleep Gallery we know how important it is to have a good rest, that's why we love to talk about brands such as Pikolin, we offer the quality, innovation and variety you need to find the perfect mattress. If you need help selecting your mattress, don't hesitate to contact us contact us at

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