Electric Articulated Bases

Electric Articulated Bases

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Pikolin Futurlam Electric Articulated Futurlam Electric Adjustable Bed Base

ALTURA: 25,00

Futurlam Articulated Futurlam Metal Bases



Pikolin Futurlam Electric Articulated Futurlam Wooden Bases

ALTURA: 25,00

Futurlam Wood Wireless Articulated Futurlam Wood Adjustable bed base



Dorelan Futura Plus Wooden Bases

SKU: SR4010

Fixed or Electric Articulated Select your feeling.



Dorelan Sistem Wooden Bases

SKU: SR4011

Fixed or Articulated Electric Select your Comfort



Dorelan Avant Wooden Bases

SKU: SR4012

Fixed or Electric Articulated, Total Ergonomics



Dorelan Revenge Wooden Bases

SKU: SR4013

Fixed or Electric Articulated Select



Dorelan Natural Wooden Bases 38

SKU: SR4014

Fixed or Articulated Electric the Natural becomes Passage



Dorelan Natural Wooden Bases 68

SKU: SR4015

Fixed or Articulated Electric to your measure

Buy Electric Articulated Bases

At Sleep Gallery, we are proud to offer you a wide variety of options of Electric Articulated Bed Bases so you can find the perfect one for you. Our bed bases are designed to provide you with maximum comfort and well-being while you rest.

Electric Adjustable Bed Bases are ideal for those who want to customize their sleeping position. With the push of a button, you can adjust the backrest to the ideal position for reading, watching TV or simply relaxing.

In addition, you can also elevate your legs to relieve pressure on your joints and improve blood circulation.

Our selection of bed bases is made of high-quality materials that ensure a sturdy and stable base. They also feature a quiet motorization system, which means you won't be disturbed by noise during the night. In addition, the handling of our bed bases is very simple and does not require any physical effort. At Sleep Gallery, we care about offering you products of the best brands in the market.

We work with renowned manufacturers that stand out for their quality and durability. We know that each person is different, so we make sure we have options for all tastes and needs. From the most basic models to the most advanced ones with additional functions such as massage and remote control.

Buying an electric articulating bed base at Sleep Gallery is easy and safe. In addition, we offer fast and free shipping throughout Spain, so you can enjoy your new bed base in a short time.

Do not wait any longer to improve your rest and enjoy a unique experience of comfort in your bedroom. Visit Sleep Gallery and find the perfect electric articulated bed base for you. Take advantage of our incredible offers and discounts and you will not regret your choice.

your rest deserves the best quality!

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