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Velfont Teide Double Fibre Pillow Case Teide

For people who like extra softness in a pillow.


Velfont Micro Duvet Feather-Fibre Micro Duvet Pillow

Intended to satisfy the needs of the most demanding, as it offers the...



Pikolin Noah Plus Fibre Pillow Medium Firmness

Noah Plus Medium Firmness Fiber Changing Pillow



Dorelan Myform Air Oxygen Foam Pillow


Pillow Dorelan Oxygen MYFORM AIR


Visco Pillow Magniflex Classico Standar 12 high

Classico Standard, from the Classico line, is a pillow with a traditional...



Dorelan Myform Memory Air Viscoelastic Balance Cervical Pillow

SKU: AL40275

Visco Cervical Pillow Dorelan Myform Memory Air



Pikolin Home Leg Pillow (Bone)

Visco Legs Anatomical Pillow 20x15


Velfont Atlas Double Fibre Pillow Cover

Ideal to provide the best support thanks to its extra high firmness.



Dorelan Myform Air Shadow Foam Cervical Pillow

SKU: AL40270

Neck cushion Dorelan Shadow MYFORM AIR



Dorelan Sense Myform Memory Air memory foam pillow


Viscoelastic on Another Level, discover the Comfort



Dorelan Flip Pillow Myform Air Foam Pillow

SKU: Flip

Ideal for children from 5 to 12 years old



Pikolin Home Pillow 30% Down-70% Feather

Down pillow with cotton cover leaves a luxurious feeling of sleeping on a...


Velfont Titan Fibre Pillow

This high firmness pillow is ideal for: large sized side sleepers.


Velfont Double Fibre Pillow Cover Cadi

For medium build people who sleep on their side, or large build people who...


Velfont Natura Latex Pillow

Pillow designed for lovers of organic and natural products.


Velfont Viscobebe Viscoelastic Crib Pillow

Ideal pillow for: people with babies who are allergic to dust mites or who...


Velfont Viscoluna Memory Foam Pillow

The simplest of the collection, for those who want an uncomplicated visco...



Pikolin Home Ergonomic Cervical Pillow Visco Ergonomics

Ergonomic Pillow Cervical Double Pillow Cover Aloe Vera Finish



Dorelan ReActive Myform Air ReActive Foam Pillow

Pillow Dorelan ReActive MYFORM AIR Pillow


Velfont Bamboo Fibre Pillow

Designed for those looking for natural fabrics and a double cover for easy...



Pikolin Home Anti Snoring Visco Pillow




Pikolin Home Embrace Anti-Mite Pillow 2 F

Anti-dust mite hugging pillow



Pikolin Home Viscogel Coxis seat cushion

Viscogel Coxis Shape Seat Cushion 45x37x9



Pikolin Home Baby 2F Anti-Mite Pillow 55X35

Anti-dustmite Fibre Pillow. Double cover 55x35



Pikolin Home Pillow 70% Down Anti-dustmite Pillow

Premium 70% down pillow. Double satin cover. Anti-mite



Pikolin Home Butterfly Pillow Microfiber 48x60x20

Fiber pillow with butterfly shape for neck and head 48x60x20



Pikolin Home Natural Latex Pillow

Natural Latex 80% Perforated core



Pikolin Petitplus Viscoelastic Pillow Low Firmness Viscoelastic Pillow

Low firmness visco pillow for stomach sleepers and children's sleepers



Pikolin Home Latex Gel Fresh Perforated Pillow

Latex Fresh Gel Perforated Pillow



Pikolin Home 50% Down Pillow

Premium 50% down pillow Double cover MEDIUM



Pikolin Home Viscoelastic Lumbar Cushion Professional

AL35 Professional Ergonomic Lumbar Viscoelastic Pillow for professionals



Pikolin Home Ergo 2F Latex Cervical Pillow

Ergonomic cervical latex pillow with double breathable cover



Pikolin Viscoelastic Pillow Visco Cervical Pillow Medium High Firmness

SKU: AL16058

Medium-high firmness visco pillow for sleeping on the back Cervical



Pikolin Home Universal Visco Pillow Legs

Viscoelastic Pillow Legs 40x20x10



Pikolin Home Viscoelastic Seat Cushion

Pleasant support. Great adaptability Breathable. High durability and...



Pikolin Petitplus Fibre Pillow Low Firmness Fibre Pillow

Low-firmness fibre pillow for stomach sleepers and children's pillows

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