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Pikolin Ergodes Ergomotion Electric Articulated Wooden Folding Storage Couch

ALTURA: 35.00 CM

Wooden folding sofa with upholstered articulated base in natural colour

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Pikolin 3D Leatherette Upholstered Fixed Storage Couch

ALTURA: 23.00 CM

Breathable upholstered base in black 3D imitation leather

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Folding sofa bed Pikolin Textil with double cover - TEXTIL

ALTURA: 34.00 CM

Folding textile canapé with double cover in amber colour



Pikolin Wooden Folding Couch Naturbox Juvenile

ALTURA: 32.00 CM

Folding wooden canapé for young people

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Pikolin Wooden Folding Sofa Naturbox

ALTURA: 32.00 CM

Wooden folding sofa Pikolin



Pikolin Wooden Folding Sofa Design Juvenil

ALTURA: 36.00 CM

Folding wooden sofa bed for young people in natural colour

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Pikolin Wooden Folding Storage Couch Design Manual Xl

ALTURA: 36.00 CM

High capacity wooden folding canapé with natural colour double cover

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Pikolin Wooden Folding Storage Couch Design Manual

ALTURA: 31.00 CM

Wooden folding sofa with double black cover

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Pikolin Wooden Folding Storage Couch Design Electric Xl

ALTURA: 36.00 CM

High capacity electric wooden folding canapé with double natural colour...

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Pikolin Wooden Folding Storage Couch Design Electric

ALTURA: 31.00 CM

Electric wooden folding canapé with double black cover



Canape Canape Canape Canape Cama ÖHM Chest Manual Upholstered


Your BFF: micro-sprung base that enhances your nights and a place to store...



Duero Folding Wooden Canape


Discover the simplicity and price of this Canape

Buy Canapés


The canapés are an excellent option for maximizing the space of your storage in any bedroom. With a variety in design that includes models with contours and square corners, 3D cover, with side-opening option and reinforced tops, these cabinets offer durability y functionality.

The available canapés options include different sizes to suit the needs of each person. From larger models to compacts as the size 105x180 up to more wide as the size 135x190, there are a variety of sizes to choose from. This ensures that you can find the perfect canapé for your room, no matter how much space you have available.

In addition to the variety of sizes, the canapés are also available in a variety of sizes wide range of colors to suit any decorating style. Whether you prefer a natural wood, whether you choose a neutral tone or a vibrant color, there are options for all tastes. This allows you to customize your canapé to perfectly match the design of your bedroom.

The canapés with reinforced lids offer a higher durability y breathability, the storage space is ideal for the storage of bed linen and other objects. The lid 3D provides a stylish elegant y modern, while the side-opening option facilitates access to the interior of the canapé.

Canapés are a solution versatile y practice for the storage in any bedroom. Feel free to explore our storage base options to find the ideal piece of furniture for your home.


Buy high quality Canapés at Materiales y Construcción


The canapés are fundamental elements in any room, not only because of their functionality as a base for the mattress, but also for their contribution to the esthetics to the whole of the furniture. On the market, you can find a wide range of wide range of options in terms of materials y construction, this allows consumers to select those that best suit their needs needs y preferences.

In terms of materials, the canapés can be made of wood or have a metallic steel structure. Wood is known for its durability y elegance, providing a touch of warmth to the environment. On the other hand, the metallic steel structure guarantees resistance y robustness, ideal for those who are looking for a furniture more modern in his bedroom.

Diversity in the finishes y upholstery is another aspect to take into account when buying canapés. From natural tones such as white or the walnut to bolder color options eye-catching o prints, the variety is wide and adaptable to any style of decoration. Likewise, upholstery can range from soft fabrics and padded up to synthetic leather from high quality, providing comfort y sophistication at the same time.

When choosing a sofa bed, it is important to consider both the quality of materials such as versatility in the finishes y upholstery. In this way, it ensures not only the durability y resistance furniture, but also the harmonious integration are you looking for the perfect sofa for your home? Discover our wide selection and choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs!


The Additional Advantages of Buying Quality Canapés


The canapés are functional pieces of furniture that not only offer additional storage space, but also storage, but also a ideal support for your mattress. However, some options go a step further by offering complete packs that include both the mattress and a pillow, providing a integral solution for your rest.

These full-pack canapés are distinguished by their excellent value for money. When you purchase a pack, you not only get a quality piece of furniture to store your belongings, but you also get a mattress convenient and a soft pillow, all in one product.

The possibility of customize the size and the materials of these canapés is a additional advantage which makes them even more attractive. You can choose the size that best fits your room and select the materials you prefer, allowing you to customize to maximize your purchase and make sure it fits your needs perfectly needs y tastes.

The canapés with complete pack are a excellent option for those looking for comfort, , functionality y quality at an affordable price. With the possibility of customization and the convenience of having everything you need in a single product, are a smart investment don't wait any longer and enjoy all the additional advantages offered by these canapés!


Buy Canapés online


At Sleep Gallery, we offer a wide selection of models with different functionalities to satisfy your needs. All our canapés have opening systems with hydraulic dampers, this makes it easy to handle effortlessly and guarantees a user experience soft y secure.

In addition to the standard functionality, some of our canapés models offer special features to enhance your comfort. For example, we have canapés with fabric 3D breathable, which helps to regulate the temperature and the humidity to provide you with a more restful fresh y comfortable. This feature is ideal for those people who value a restful sleep quality and a favorable environment to fall asleep.

In our store, we also offer you options of customization so you can buy canapés to suit your needs tastes y needs specific. Some of our models include uSB connection, which allows you to charge your electronic devices comfortably from the bed without the need for additional cables. This feature is especially useful for those who use their electronic devices in bed mobile devices before going to sleep or who need to keep their devices charged during the night.

If you are looking for a canapé with innovative features and of high quality, please feel free to explore our wide range of products. Our canapés combine design, , comfort y practicality to offer you a solution of versatile storage click on our online catalog and discover all the options available for you!

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