Velfont Micro Duvet Feather-Fibre Micro Duvet Pillow



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The Micro-Duvet pillow Velfont is made with double filling: down and microfibre, combining the natural properties of down with the highest quality microfibre.

As it is reversible, it becomes a practical and versatile solution, allowing 100% personalised use, simply by turning the pillow. This double filling gives volume, softness and lightness to this exceptional pillow.

In addition, the outer fabric of the Micro-Duvet pillow is 100% cotton "down-proof" which prevents the passage of the very fine down filling; add that this pillow is made with blue and gold double piping to differentiate the type of filling.

The Micro-duvet pillow is designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding of sleepers, offering the softness of microfibre combined with the natural comfort of duvet.

This medium firm pillow is ideal for: medium or small sized people who sleep on their side, or large sized people who sleep on their back.

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