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Pikolin Colchon de Muelles Normblock 75 Aniversario

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SKU: CM12009 / ALTURA: 29 CM


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Pikolin presents the ideal mattress for you to enjoy your rest as if you were in a luxurious hotel. With more than 75 years of experience, Pikolin is the preferred supplier of the world's leading hotel chains, including Hilton, Sheraton, among others. And to celebrate our anniversary, we are launching a limited edition that allows you to live the hotel experience Pikolin every night. This exclusive product combines several technologies to offer you a high-end mattress worthy of a grand hotel.

Discover the unparalleled comfort of our Normablock continuous thread core mattress reinforced with a contouring rod, which provides the ideal firmness without sacrificing adjustability. Thanks to the Visco Air viscoelastic layer, you will enjoy a higher quality and more comfortable sleep. In addition, for a gradual and soft welcome, we have incorporated two layers of HR Supersoft and Viscofoam, features of our Progression Visco technology, which adjusts to your body according to pressure and temperature.

Take the opportunity now to enjoy a unique experience with our limited edition mattress. Don't miss the chance to experience the rest you deserve every night - get yours before they're all sold out!

Our mattress is also equipped with Triple Barrier hygienic treatment, which prevents the proliferation of dust mites, bacteria and fungi, ensuring a healthier sleeping environment. In addition, the Stretch fabric is flame retardant and bed bug resistant, ensuring the durability and safety you look for in a hotel mattress.

Discover why our mattress is the preferred choice for those seeking superior quality and unparalleled comfort. Don't wait any longer to experience the luxury and elegance of a hotel Pikolin in the comfort of your own home. Get yours today!

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